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Window Dressings & Wall Treatments

Wether it is drapes, blinds, shutters or quality statement wallpapers, we work with reputable supply chains and follow industry standards to ensure we specify the perfect products to further enhance each space and bring out the unique personality of our clients.


Adorning spaces with specialist window treatments

As well as enhancement and decoration, window dressings play a crucial role in the overall design and functionality of a space. When soft furnishings are considered there are many key aspects to contemplate. Primary purpose, style, type, measurements, motorisation and hardware. Manufacture and installation are all key components in the selection and specification of custom window treatments.


Our studio is aligned with esteemed suppliers and manufactures to ensure window treatments are constructed and installed efficiently.


Luxury Interior Design with Soft Furnishings

Designing cohesive interiors with admirable window dressings involves methodical selection of materials, colours, and styles. Incorporating layers and textures creates visual and tactile interest. Elegant blinds, shades or shutters are also excellent options for an assortment of interior styles.


Our professional team can provide tailored guidance toachieve the overall desired look for your interior


Incorporating distinct wallpapers into interior decoration

Balancing various textures is an art. An expert designer applies the principals of design to create a well-balanced interior. The use of wallpaper can serve as a focal point or add depth and dimension to a space. Combining smooth and rough, soft and hard textures can create a harmonious and visually appealing layered effect.Proper installation by a professional is crucial to achieve the best results.

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