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Custom Furniture & Accessories

Accomplishing enduring spaces with Furniture.

Custom made, limited edition or budget contentious, investing in a professional interior decorator ensures long tern satisfaction and a co-ordinated interior that aligns with your vision and lifestyle.


Proficiency and knowledge of furniture styles, materials and trends

Our studio maintain current knowledge of the latest furniture trends.Style, composition and form evolve quickly and although having the latest model is not always desired outcome for a project. Having an understanding of new technology and functionality can often be resourceful.


Creation of exquisite custom furniture pieces, made in New Zealand

When it comes to furniture we are professionals in creating specific furniture pieces that fit the design concept.We embrace in the challenge of balancing size, colour, material and finish to accomplish the precise end result. Here in New Zealand we have a range of well-established and talented furniture manufactures who craft unique and high quality furniture pieces.


Competent procurement and delivery

Engaging a designer co-ordinate the sourcing and procurement of furniture and furnishings for your project opens up avenues for access to exclusive or limited-edition furniture or décor items that may not be readily available to the general public. Having a deep knowledge of furniture progression ensures the selected pieces compliment the homeowner, space and personal style.


Striving for customer satisfaction

Our qualified interior design team have a deep understanding of the interior design principals, furniture placement and aesthetics. Having a professional co-ordinate your furniture procurement and installation alleviates the stress and complexities associated with furniture and furnishing selection and installation.

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