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Mastering The Art Of Colour In Interior Design

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Welcome to Our World of Interior Design - Creating A Palette For Every Space

In the realm of interior design, the judicious use of colour is a powerful tool that can transform any space, big or small, into a personalised haven. As a leading interior design company in Auckland, we understand the impact that colour has on the harmony and ambiance of a room. Whether you're working with an interior designer or taking on the task yourself, here's a comprehensive guide on how to work with colour for stunning and tailored results.

1. Start With A Vision

Begin by envisioning the mood and atmosphere you want to create in each space. Consider the purpose of the room – whether it's a vibrant living area, your kitchen or a serene bedroom – and let this vision guide your colour choices.

2. Understand Colour Psychology:

Dive into the psychology of colours to grasp the emotions and feelings associated with each shade. Warm tones like reds and yellows can evoke energy and warmth, while blues and greens offer a sense of calmness. Tailor your colour palette based on the desired ambiance.

3. Introduce Accent Colours:

Accent colours add depth and interest to a space. Select one or two accent colours that complement your base colour and use them strategically in furnishings, accessories, or feature walls. These pops of colour draw attention and create focal points.

4. Consider Colour Flow:

Maintain a sense of continuity by considering how colours flow from one room to another. This doesn't mean using the same colour in every space, but rather selecting a cohesive palette that transitions smoothly throughout your home.

Experiment with contrasts to add visual intrigue. Pair light and dark tones, or mix cool and warm colours to create a dynamic and engaging environment.

5. Test Before Committing:

Always test your chosen colours in the actual space before committing. Lighting conditions and the size of a room can influence how colours appear. Invest in test pots and paint a small section or use large swatches to ensure the chosen colours achieve the desired effect.

"We encourage you to discover the transformative power of colour in interior design".


Are You Looking For an Expert Interior Decorator?

In collaboration with Colab Industry, we invite you to embark on a colourful journey with us, where every shade tells a story and every space becomes a testament to your unique style.

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